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Wet N Wild Orlando. Speedo Friendly?

I am planning a trip to orlando this summer. It will be me, my wife and our two young sons. They are 6 and 5. I am a speedo man, don’t knock it till you have tried it. Just more comfortable in them. I hav worn them to waterparks in the past with my kids and have always attracted some attention. That was DEFINITELY NOT MY GOAL. I am 34 and in good shape. Will i see others there wearing them or will I be the only one? Anyone else ever worn a speedo to this park or any other for that matter? I’m perfectly comfortable in it, just don’t always think others are. Your input is appreiated. Thanks!

5 Responses to “Wet N Wild Orlando. Speedo Friendly?”

  • comfortable0 says:

    Orlando’s a tourist town so you will see others in speedos. I’m from Orlando and would recommend skipping Wet N Wild and trying one of Disney’s waterparks and or even the new Seaworld water park Aquatica. Wet N Wild isn’t taken care of very well and it can be dirty. But if you still go, I’d definitely check out Aquatica as well, it’s gorgeous!

  • shoredude2 says:

    Yes, all the foreign tourists will be wearing them as well.

  • smilingeyes_momof3 says:

    Their will be old men in Speedos…also speedos are popular with the gay community in FL so good looking younger men are usually assumed to be gay…maybe that is why you get looks if you are with the family. But wear what you are comfy with…be aware thought that some water slides do snag and some do give major wedgies! Enjoy!!!

  • ajsmommy says:

    You pretty much see everything here. As long as you are covered up, you aren’t going to have a problem with it.

  • Nancy B says:

    There are a lot of international tourists in Orlando…you should blend right in! Ditto the first answerer…Wet & Wild has a lot of teens that will knock over a young kid in a heartbeat. Go for one of the Disney waterparks instead.