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Does it cost money to go into downtown Disney in Orlando Florida!?

11 Responses to “Does it cost money to go into downtown Disney in Orlando Florida!?”

  • DisneyTravelGuru says:

    No, it doesn’t. Downtown Disney is a collection of shops and restaurants. There is no charge to enter.

  • Indiana Jones says:

    its free to walk around downtown disney.
    but it is full of stores and restaurants so if you want to do more than just look you will need to have some money on hand.

    they closed pleasure island on september 27th of this year (where all the clubs were) cuz disney wants to make the area more family orientated.

    also in downtown disney they have “disney quest” which is an arcade with tons of different games and you can even make your own roller coaster and sit in a simulator to ride it.
    it does cost extra to go there (sorry not sure how much at the moment)

    and there is also cirque da sole in downtown disney. i’ve never been but i hear its pretty cool. that i believe costs around $65 per ticket. (thats why i’ve never gone LOL)

  • mah1407 says:

    No. You just have to pay to get into Disney Quest and Cirq. Also, they have boats you can rent and that is something you have to pay for as well.

  • Lilli says:

    No, free parking and free entrance. If you want to eat at any of the sit-down restaurants there, you might want to get reservations, though.

  • g says:

    No money required unless you want to shop and/or dine at one of the restaurants.

  • darkness_55 says:

    it is an open air mall with free parking. like any mall they have movies, restaurants, attractions, even boat rental.

  • drip says:

    You seem to be asking a lot of questions about Disney.
    Go to your library and check out books on WDW. The Unofficial Guide to WDW 2008 is great and will answer most of your questions.
    Aslo try looking at the web site

  • Michael B says:

    If it has Disney in the name it costs money, they aren’t a non-profit yet.

  • ditzychik508 says:

    Not for parking or play. Unless you want souvenirs or food. Also DisneyQuest Cirque Du Soleil, and AMC Pleasure Island 24 aren’t free to get into either. However if you go at this time of the year Santa Claus is there free of charge (unless you want their picture), at Halloween they have Trick-or-Treating free of charge, New Year’s Eve and Fourth of July they have fireworks free of charge.
    A helpful hint of you plan on driving is to park in the far West Side parking lot (I think it’s Lot 5) near Cirque Du Soleil and House of Blues, as not many tourists know about this spot so you’ll be able to easily find a spot to park.

  • deens18 says:

    No entrance or parking charge but in order to do anything you must pay (shops, rentals, food, disneyquest, cirqu de solie)