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Can you bring your own food into Sea World Orlando?

Hey, I’m going to Sea World in Orlando tomorrow. I was there a couple of weeks ago and I swear I saw someone with a lunch box walking in. I only want to pack a few sandwiches for my nephew and I…our chips and sodas we can get there. I can’t find on the website whether or not this is allowed and they’re not answering the phone at this hour. Does anyone know if sandwiches are allowed?

5 Responses to “Can you bring your own food into Sea World Orlando?”

  • cindy says:

    From our experience last year, they do not allow anything like coolers, but of course you can bring in a snack in a backpack and they don’t care. We even had a small cooler on the stroller of my little cousin filled with juice, crackers, etc and they looked and asked and we said it was for her and they said ok. It’s be worth a shot!

  • t_tkup says:


  • Crystal H says:

    For the safety of the animals, they do not allow any food into the park. Only thing that thay may allow is baby formula and things of that nature, but no ffod is allowed. (They have to make sure u spen more money when u get in, on top of admission)

  • spongebob fan says:

    well i always go to the one in san antonio and they allow food in a backpack but u can bring coolers but u have to leave the, in the car and they will stamp ur hand and they will let u come back into the park if want to leave and get ur food in the car and eat it there…but u can bring sodas and stuff in a backpack and u can always go to the consession stand and ask them for a cup of ice for free…trust me we go to seaworld all the time and they allow that but not the big coolers..well i hope this helps and i hope you have fun

  • tpurtygrl says:

    Haven’t been to the florida one but the one here in San Diego you can bring in food. We always pack our lunch because we don’t really care for the food.